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Residential Rental Property Registration

Per Pullman City Code 6.98, owners of residential rental properties are required to register the property with the City. The registration process serves several purposes, including insuring that emergency responders know who to contact in the case of an emergency at a property (fire, flood, etc.).

Additionally, in the event of an arrest or seizure involving one or more of the following violations occurs at a rental property, the Pullman Police Department is required by Washington State law to notify the property owner or the Authorized Property Management Representative (A.P.M.R.): (RCW 59.18.075)

  • Arrest of tenant using or threatening to use a firearm or other deadly weapon against another tenant.
  • Other unlawful use by a tenant of a firearm or other deadly weapon on the rental premises.
  • Physical assault of another person by a tenant on the rental premises.
  • Seizure of a Legend Drug pursuant to a violation of Chapter 69.41 RCW.
  • Seizure of a Controlled Substance pursuant to a violation of Chapter 69.50 RCW.
  • Seizure of an Imitation Controlled Substance pursuant to a violation of Chapter 69.52 RCW.

The registration fee schedule was established by City Council Resolution R-91-08:

6.98.030(2) Initial $15/registration
6.98.060 Renewal $15/registration


  • Q: Why have I not received an email with my username and password yet?
    A: Check your junk/spam folder. The email will be sent from "". If you still have not received the email after 24 hours, please contact the Pullman Police Department.

  • Q: Why am I not getting any email notifications?
    A: Verify the email address that you have entered on the Property Management page. Check your junk/spam folder, the email will be sent from "".

  • Q: Can I receive text message notifications?
    A: Yes, depending on your wireless carrier. Use the following information in place of your email address to receive the notifications via text message:
    Virgin Mobile:

  • Q: How soon after an incident will I be notified?
    A: Typically, notifications will be sent out every morning at 8AM. This means that if a reportable incident occurred today at one of your properties, you should be notified the NEXT day shortly after 8AM.

  • Q: The address of my rental property is not available to choose from when trying to register.
    A: First, verify that you are searching for ONLY the address number during registration. If you are certain that it is not available, please download, fill out, and return the New Address Application to "".
If you have additional questions on residential rental unit registration, contact the Support Services Manager at the Pullman Police Department at (509) 334-0802.

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